Information for Marina Owners and Operators

Pump-out Design Criteria

All marinas, regardless of size or number of boat moorings, shall provide pump-out facilities for pumping or removing sewage from boats. Requirements>>

Grant Programs

Boating Infrastructure Grant: BIG grants offer a broader range of uses of the two types of grants available. These are used for funding a variety of marina improvement and construction projects. There are two tiers of BIG grants which are classified according to cost and competitiveness. Virginia partners with the states of Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont as part of a cooperative regional agreement. Learn more>>

Clean Vessel Act Grant: CVA grants are more specific, and are available to marinas primarily for sanitation improvements. Money obtained from these grants can be used to improve existing or construct new sewage pump-outs, dump stations, and sanitary waste facilities. Learn more>>

Completed BIG and CVA Projects: VDH has approved and overseen many projects that have utilized grant funds. These pages show a few of the marinas that have benefited from grant monies and VDH guidance. Learn more>>