Division Staff

Lance Gregory – Division Director
Phone: (804)-864-7491
Fax: (804)-864-7475
Email: lance.gregory@vdh.virginia.gov

Dave Tiller-Environmental Health Coordinator
Phone: 804-785-2135
Email: Dave.Tiller@vdh.virginia.gov

Nicole Sandberg-Wastewater Infrastructure Manager
Phone: 804-291-6483
Email: nicole.sandberg@vdh.virginia.gov

 Water and Wastewater Services

Anthony Creech – Environmental Technical Programs Manager
Phone: 804-864-7470
Email: Anthony.creech@vdh.virginia.gov

(Vacant) – Environmental Health Coordinator, Standardization/Soils/QA

Sameh Megally – Environmental Health Coordinator, Training
Phone: 804-764-7461
Email: Sameh.Megally@vdh.virginia.gov

Anne Powell – Environmental Health Coordinator, Onsite Sewage/Indemnification
Phone: 804-864-8107
Email: Anne.Powell@vdh.virginia.gov

Scott Vogel – Environmental Health Coordinator, Private Wells
Phone: 804-864-7462
Email: Scottm.Vogel@vdh.virginia.gov

Technical Services (Environmental Engineering & Soils)

Marcia Degen, P.E., P.hD. – Environmental Technical Services Manager
Phone: (804) 387-1883
Email: Marcia.Degen@vdh.virginia.gov

Stephen Elgin, P.E. – Technical Services Engineer
Phone: (804) 263-5263
Email: Stephen.Elgin@vdh.virginia.gov

Ryder Bunce, P.E. – SWIFT Technical Services Engineer
Phone: (804) 864-7469
Email: Ryder.Bunce@vdh.virginia.gov

Steven Thomas, MAOSE, LPSS –  Technical Services Soil Scientist
Phone: (434) 946-9408 ext. 9593
Email: Steve.Thomas@vdh.virginia.gov

To view Technical Services Engineer area assignments click here: TSE Assignments Effective 09 03 2021

Marina Programs

Preston Smith – Marina Program Manager
Phone: (804) 864-7468
Email: Preston.Smith@vdh.virginia.gov

David Layman – Marina Programs Environmental Specialist
Phone: (804) 864-7467
Email: Charles.d.layman@vdh.virginia.gov

Marina Program Associate – VACANT