Stroke Smart Virginia

Stroke Smart Virginia is a public health initiative to reduce pre-hospital delays*/increase timely treatment* associated with stroke by educating the public and medical staff to recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke and the impact of early 9-1-1 activation. Despite improved therapies for acute ischemic stroke, many patients are ineligible due to delayed arrival. Stroke Smart Virginia aims to combat this. The Virginia Stroke Systems Task Force (VSSTF) adopted Stroke Smart Virginia as a statewide initiative in 2021 and formed a Stroke Smart Virginia Work Group that meets monthly.

Spot a Stroke, Stop a Stroke, Save a Life. If anyone suffers a stroke CALL 911. 

Stroke Smart Faith-based Organizations-Second Calvary Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA

Stroke Smart Training Video- 30 Min Register

Stroke Smart Video- Alexandria – F-A-S-T

Resources to educate and implement the initiative:

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Stroke Smart Communities

Stroke Smart Faith Based Organizations

Stroke Smart Medical Practice

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Stroke Smart Virginia Proclamation:

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