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Stroke Smart Faith-based Organizations-Second Calvary Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA

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About Stroke Smart Virginia

Stroke Smart Virginia is a public health initiative to reduce pre-hospital delays associated with stroke by educating the public to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke and early 9-1-1 activation. The Virginia Stroke Systems Task Force (VSSTF) adopted Stroke Smart Virginia as a statewide initiative in 2021 and formed a Stroke Smart Virginia Work Group that meets monthly.

  1. Be Stroke Smart - Learn what a stroke is, recognize the signs and understand it is critical to call 911 immediately.
  2. Stay Stroke Smart - Distribute memory aids (fridge magnets and wallet cards) to the public to retain the information, reinforce it through repetition, and have access to it.
  3. Be a Stroke Champion - Teach it forward, so that the communities where we live, work, play and pray can be Stroke Smart.
    To learn about Stroke Smart Champions in the field click here.

More information coming soon on Stroke Smart initiatives throughout the Commonwealth:

For more information about Stroke Smart Virginia, contact Patrick Wiggins at and/or visit Stroke Smart Virginia's website.

If anyone suffers a stroke we can look out for each other and CALL 911.
Spot a Stroke, Stop a Stroke, Save a Life