UVA COVID-19 Modeling Weekly Update

Key Takeaways

  • Case rates grew after the Thanksgiving holiday and remain at a high level, with 21 of 35 health districts in surge.
  • Though the statewide Rₑ is still above one, and cases continue to grow, the rate of this growth has slowed slightly since last week.
  • The Adaptive scenario is converging with the Fall/Winter scenario, projecting a January peak higher than during the Delta wave.
  • Delta is still the predominant variant, but Omicron is expected to begin impacting Virginia over the holidays.
  • The Omicron’s scenario suggests that it will fuel rapid case growth and cause a severe surge in February of 2022 that is likely to exceed that of Winter 2021.

Note: Models will be run next on 2021-12-22, and released on the following Friday. There will be no update in the week between Christmas and New Years.

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