VDH OEP Weekly Situation Update

Key Takeaways

  • COVID-19 activity continues to increase across the Commonwealth. Hospitalizations for COVID-19 are up marginally. Models suggest that hospital admissions will remain static through the year’s end. Statewide admissions levels are still classified as “Low”, but five localities in Southwest Virginia are now reporting “High” admissions levels.
  • The JN.1 variant is now a WHO Variant of Interest. It is expected to become dominant in the coming weeks. Current vaccines are thought to offer protection against JN.1 and other emerging variants.
  • Flu activity continues to increase as RSV activity drops slowly. Flu hospital admissions have nearly doubled in the last month. Models expect continued increase in flu hospital admissions through January.
  • Norovirus rates are increasing in the American South. Physicians note a rise in gastrointestinal disease in the Commonwealth.
  • A meningococcal disease outbreak is reported among children in Ohio.

VDH OEP Weekly Situation Update.

VDH Surveillance Data Update.

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The VDH OEP Weekly Situation Update is produced by the VDH Office of Emergency Preparedness. This update covers ongoing or potential public health and emergency preparedness issues, including COVID-19. This product is intended to enhance situational awareness among the public health, healthcare, and emergency management communities. Some items covered may pose little or no threat to the public at large. These items are included for situational awareness only and do not represent an endorsement of the source or information therein.