Become a P3 Community Health Champion

The VDH Office of Health Equity continues to empower communities to promote health equity. Join us this Fall 2017 as we continue to establish Partners In Prayer & Prevention Community Health Champions across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our goal is to provide a variety of resources and strategies to help educate and transform the health and well-being  of those P3 Community Health Champion’s in each congregation and community. Each Partners In Prayer and Prevention Community Health Champion (P3CHC) will go through a 5 week intensive training. Training topics will include: Understanding Health Equity/Disparities, Policies which affect Health, How to build and sustain Health Ministries, Building Partnerships/Community Engagement and understanding Virginia’s Plan for Well-being.

The tools provided in this training will help each P3 Community Health Champion further educate their congregations and communities. Each P3 Community Health Champion will work with their congregation, P3CHC regional peers and their community on two projects: “Defining health” and “Health Equity Film Festival & Panel Discussion”.

There is no cost to participate; materials will be supplied to aid each P3 Community Health Champion during this project and training. We simply ask for your time and commitment. This cohort of P3 Community Health Champions will join our present Champions in efforts to improving health in our communities throughout Virginia.

Space will be limited. Sessions will be open for your congregation and organization to attend online as well. Participants must be a member and working within their faith or interfaith congregation/organization as a leader, lead in their Health Ministry and / or community outreach. There can only be one representative (P3 Community Health Champion) per congregation.Training will be held via video web once weekly (Fall 2017), so this opportunity is available to participants across the state of Virginia. Training’s will be held on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.


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