Primary Care Incentive Programs

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The Commonwealth of Virginia offers several incentive programs to attract primary health professionals to Virginia's underserved areas. These programs not only assist with paying down outstanding medical education debt but also afford individuals an opportunity to become part of a community and provide care to deserving populations.

Awards for all programs administered by the Virginia Department of Health are made on a competitive basis and limited to available funding. Priority for awards is given to candidates providing medical services in Virginia's most underserved areas.

Repayments are for the sole purpose of repaying outstanding educational loan debt secured while attending a program that led to licensure as a health professional.

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Virginia Primary Care Health Workforce Incentive Programs

Team & Contact Information

Manager Overseeing all Programs Olivette Burroughs, M.B.A., HCM, PHIC

Statewide Health Workforce Manager

Phone: 804-864-7431

Program Coordinators & Contacts
Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship (LPN/RN/CNA)


 Long-Term Care Facility Nursing Scholarship (CNA)

Stacy Davis

Health Workforce Coordinator


Phone: 804- 659-3959

Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Midwife Nursing Scholarship

Nurse Educator Nursing Scholarship

Long-Term Care Facility Nursing Scholarship (LPN, RN)

Cassandra Braxton

Health Workforce Coordinator


Phone: 804-624-1915

Virginia Conrad 30 Waiver Program

 Virginia State Loan Repayment Program





Andrea Banks, J.M.

Health Workforce Coordinator


Phone: 804-864-7442

Virginia Behavioral Health Loan Repayment Program


Virginia Nurse Preceptor Incentive Program


Virginia Dental Loan Repayment Program


Kiara Christian

Health Workforce Coordinator


Phone: (804) 659-3952

Compliance & Follow-Up

All Programs verification of employment



Edward W. Cox, Jr.

Compliance & Follow-Up

Health Workforce Coordinator


Phone: 804-864-7419

Haben Yohannes

Health Workforce Coordinator


Phone: 804-489-6581

Mailing Address/Fax/Email 109 Governor Street Suite 714 west

Richmond, VA 23219-2448

Fax: 804.864.7440

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For more information about the Primary Care incentive programs offered by the VDH, OHE contact the Statewide Health Workforce Manager, Olivette Burroughs or send an email to