Division of Multicultural Health and Community Engagement

Division of Multicultural Health

The office develops programs and partnerships to empower racial and ethnic minority communities to promote awareness of health inequities.

Goal: Permanently change the conditions that produce differential health outcomes that will, over time, have a greater effect than traditional interventions.

The Division of Multicultural Health and Community Engagement works with stakeholders to identify approaches to eliminate health inequities through a focus on social determinants of health as a key strategy to eliminate health inequities that exist by socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, geography, gender, immigrant status and other social classifications.
graphThere are five U.S. Census recognized racial and ethnic minority populations in Virginia:

  1. African-American/Black
  2. Hispanic/Latino
  3. Asian-American
  4. Native  Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  5. American  Indian and  Alaskan Native
  6. People of two or more races