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Who We Are


Virginia Rural Health Plan 2022-2026


The Virginia State Office of Rural Health is excited to announce the release of the Virginia Rural Health Plan 2022-2026 (VRHP). The goal of this working action plan is to showcase the resiliency and highlight the assets of the Commonwealth’s rural communities.

The scope of the VRHP has been advised by a series of community conversations and site visits that took place between the months of October 2019 through March 2020. The community conversations were held in rural communities throughout the Commonwealth. These conversations were held over a warm supper, where local leaders led the conversation with the intention of learning and fortifying the local/ regional health and wellness needs, opportunities, and community assets.

Rural Health Data Commons

The Rural Health Data Commons was created with the intention of bringing the VRHP to life. The purposes of the Rural Health Data Commons are to amplify the understanding of priority metrics and provideopportunities for a variety of audiences to explore current data insights in their region, communities or neighborhoods. Currently, the Rural Health Data Commons features the Virginia State Office of Rural Health’s seven priority metrics identified in the VRHP. These metrics aim to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the overall health and well-being of Virginia’s rural communities. 

The Rural Health Data Commons was made possible by the Social and Decision Analytics Division of the Biocomplexity Institute for the Virginia Department of Health.

To request a printed copy (or copies) of the VRHP, please fill out the following request form.

The Virginia Rural Health Plan 2022-2026 was developed with the goal of serving a variety of audience types with a working action plan that highlights the assets of Virginia’s rural communities. We welcome any feedback or questions regarding the VRHP and encourage anyone to complete the following feedback form.



Important Message from the State Office of Rural Health: 

The Division of Primary Care and Rural Health recognizes these are challenging times for all of us and we want everyone to have the most accurate and up to date information possible regarding COVID-19. Therefore, for any questions and concerns please redirect your search to  for updates. For COVID-19 resources that are specific to Virginia and/or rural communities visit the VA-SORH Rural Resources page.

Everyone in Virginia age 5 or older is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Pre-registration is no longer required.



Virginia State Office of Rural Health

The Virginia State Office of Rural Health (VA-SORH) was established in 1991 to create, fund and support quality and sustainable rural healthcare infrastructure.  VA-SORH is a designated, federally funded office by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP). The purpose and mission of VA-SORH is to address and rectify health disparities affecting the state’s rural residents.  For nearly 30 years, VA-SORH has provided funding that connects small rural communities with state and federal resources with the goal of developing long-term solutions to address the root causes of rural health disparities.


VA-SORH is dedicated to:

  • Fostering collaboration and leveraging resources across and within various levels of government, communities, and non-profit organizations
  • Collecting and disseminating information to stakeholders
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Assisting the coordination of rural health interests statewide through assessment and planning efforts
  • Supporting efforts to improve recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural areas


Are you “rural”?


Contact Us:

For any questions and concerns regarding COVID-19 please redirect your search to  for updates. Any COVID-19 related calls will be redirected to the VDH website

Heather Anderson, MPH
Director, Division of Primary Care and Rural Health

Sarah O’Connor, MPH
State Office of Rural Health Program Coordinator
Phone: (804) 573-8659

Clarissa Noble, MPH
Rural Health Manager, SHIP & Flex Coordinator
Phone: (804) 864-7433

Ellie Wilson
Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (804) 690-7255

Brandon Rivenbark
Virginia Rural Response & Relief Coordinator
Phone: (804) 835-2618

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