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Virginia State Office of Rural Health Plan

Image of the cover of the Virginia Rural Health Plan 2022-2026 The Virginia State Office of Rural Health is excited to announce the release of the Virginia Rural Health Plan 2022-2026 (VRHP). The goal of this working action plan is to showcase the resiliency and highlight the assets of the Commonwealth’s rural communities.

The scope of the VRHP has been advised by a series of community conversations and site visits that took place between the months of October 2019 through March 2020. The community conversations were held in rural communities throughout the Commonwealth. These conversations were held over a warm supper, where local leaders led the conversation with the intention of learning and fortifying the local/ regional health and wellness needs, opportunities, and community assets.

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The Rural Virginia Initiative (RVI) Dashboard is a Rural Tool Kit of community and academic resources to be deployed as part of the State Rural Health Plan Update.



VA-SORH Rural Health Briefs

an example of the VA-SORH Policy Brief

The Virginia State Office of Rural Health will be publishing a monthly series of rural health briefs. The intention of these

 briefs is to provide the reader a better understanding of the challenges rural and underserved communities have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each brief will address different health-related topics and provide opportunities for improvement on how to build a healthier rural Virginia during, and following the pandemic.

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VA-SORH E-Newsletter

Every other week, VA-SORH publishes an e-newsletter sent directly to subscribers’ email inboxes. These newsletters feature VA-SORH updates, information and resources for providers, upcoming meetings and webinars, and funding opportunities.

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VA-SORH Photo Contest

The VA-SORH Photo Contest is an annual way for our office to celebrate the beauty of rural Virginia. The 2023 VA-SORH Photo Contest closed on Friday, October 20th.

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VA-SORH Digital Calendar Series

The Virginia State Office of Rural Health will be sharing a digital calendar page every month of 2024. Each page will feature a winning photograph from the 2023 VA-SORH Photo Contest.

Pro tip: Print out the calendar page or download it to use as your computer’s desktop background!

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