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Since 2011, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) has set aside the third Thursday of November to celebrate the "Power of Rural" on National Rural Health Day. National Rural Health Day is an opportunity to bring attention to and honor the incredible efforts of rural healthcare providers, communities, organizations, State Offices of Rural Health (SORH), and other stakeholders dedicated to addressing the unique healthcare needs of rural America.
Governor Glenn Youngkin, has officially proclaimed November 16, 2023 to be VIRGINIA RURAL HEALTH DAY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and calls observance to the attention of all our citizens. To view the proclamation, click here.


The Power of Rural in Action: CDC and State Strategies for Rural Health

Join us on November 16th from 3-4 PM ET to be informed and inspired as we explore strategies at both the state and national levels to enhance the well-being of rural Americans. Hear directly from the newly established CDC Office of Rural Health about their mission and vision. Plus, don’t miss inspiring case studies from the field featuring transformative work in Texas and Virginia.

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Virginia's 2023 Community Star: United Way of Southwest Virginia

In 2015, the Community Star Recognition Program was established in conjunction with NRHD to tell the stories of the people and organizations who make a difference in rural communities. Since then, over 300 inspiring rural stars have been honored nationwide on NRHD. Introducing Virginia's 2023 Community Star: United Way of Southwest Virginia.

With a footprint that covers nearly 20% of the state of Virginia, United Way of Southwest Virginia is the leading regional non-profit organization focused on community impact. Through an initiative-based cradle-to-career approach, United Way of Southwest Virginia is creating sustainable solutions to address the challenges facing tomorrow’s workforce. United Way convenes cross-sector partners to make an impact on the most complex problems in the region. Through collaboration with government, business, nonprofit and individuals, United Way innovates for positive, lasting social change.

For the 2021 and 2022 floods that devastated rural communities, United Way of Southwest Virginia stepped forward to coordinate long term recovery efforts. The organization brought together donors to support the cause, developed a strategic plan, convened stakeholders from the community, and coordinated efforts to repair and rebuild to stretch donor dollars as far as possible.

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Q: How do you and/or your organization make a difference in rural health and positively impact the community? 

A: "Known has an innovator and convener, United Way of Southwest Virginia annually produces the Rural Summit in partnership with the Virginia State Office of Rural Health. This annual even brings together hundreds of leaders and practitioners from corners of rural Virginia together to share best practice and align goals for greater impact."

Q: Describe any challenges your organization has encountered and how you overcame them.

A: "The organization's challenge is also one of its greatest assets supporting success in our rural communities: the expansive geography served. The magic in overcoming this challenged is met through authentic, trusted partnerships."

Q: What does the "Power of Rural" mean to you?

A: "The "Power of Rural" translates in our work to "Rural does not mean less." The power of rural is quick, trusted relationships that share an unwavering commitment to their communities"



VA-SORH Photo Contest Winners!

The Virginia State Office of Rural Health (VA-SORH) held a photo contest to celebrate the beauty of rural Virginia. Participants were asked to submit their best photos of rural Virginia for a chance to be featured in the 2024 Virginia State Office of Rural Health digital calendar!


We have selected 12 winning photographs to be featured in the 2024 VA-SORH Digital Calendar series:

Due to an overwhelming response to the contest we hope to feature all of your beautiful submissions in future VA-SORH outreach materials.



2021 VA-SORH National Rural Health Day Video: