Virginia Health Equity Report

This page contains information regarding the 2012 Health Equity Report.
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The 2012 Virginia Health Equity Report draws attention to health inequities among Virginians of varying socioeconomic, racial/ethnic, and urban/rural backgrounds. It recommends various inter-sectoral strategies and collaboration, for promoting health equity in Virginia. It provides a foundation on which partners and stakeholders can develop new plans/strategies and also receive/provide education on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), with the goal of shaping policy and decision-making that promotes health equity in Virginia.

“The 2012 Virginia Health Equity Report [is] a great resource for audiences to see opportunities to create healthier communities and populations by addressing social determinants of health, allowing the data of disparities to drive effective policy-making and striving for health equity.”
-Dr. Cynthia C. Romero, Virginia State Health Commissioner

Report Target Audiences

  • Public health & medical professionals interested in data to guide their grants, programs & interventions.
  • Policy makers, advocates & communities interested in broad strategies & policy solutions to creating communities that provide equitable opportunities to be healthy.

New Features

  • The Health Disparity Cost Analysis – a demonstration of the economic burden health inequities bring to the Commonwealth.
  • The Health opportunity Index (HOI) – a key tool for identifying local and statewide policy priorities that affect SDOH in order to promote health equity in Virginia.

What is included in the Report?

  • Virginia Demographics
  • Impact of Health Disparities/Inequities
  • Cost of Health disparities/?Inequities to the Commonwealth
    – Five leading health risks; stroke, heart disease, cancer, low birth weight and injuries
    – Total health disparities in Virginia amounted 10% of the total health care costs
  • Health Opportunity Index (HOI)
    – Examples on how to apply/use the HOI
  • Recommendations and conclusion

Report Key Recommendations

The report references the National Office of Minority Health’s National Partnership for Action to Eliminate Health Disparities. The report also provides 12 recommendation using the HOI and empirical research findings on health equity and SDOH. A few of those recommendations are:

  • Raising awareness of SDOH
  • Engaging communities using community-based participatory approaches (CBPA)
  • Advocating for access to health opportunities for all,
  • Improving education attainment
  • Addressing and improving the built environment for all residents of the Commonwealth
  • Striving for racial, economic, and gender equality, and
  • Addressing policies that have an impact on social, environmental and economic factors that affect health equity

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2008 Full Report
2008 Executive Summary

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2012 Health Equity Report

2012 Virginia Health Equity Report
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