Volunteer for COVID-19

Virginia MRC units are actively engaged in our COVID-19 response efforts.  Volunteers are doing amazing work in their communities!  The list of COVID-19 service opportunities is long, but a few of our largest missions are below:

  • Since early March 2020, 863 volunteers have answered the calls of community members and health professionals in our public health call centers.  They’ve provided over 18,000 hours of service for a monetary value of $429,000.
  • In May and June 2020, 1,375 volunteers assisted in providing medical, administrative and logistical support for 170 COVID-19 testing events for community members and long-term care facilities. 
  • As COVID-19 cases increased, volunteers were the first to respond when contact tracing support was needed.  497 volunteers have served as contact tracers and have provided nearly 15,000 hours of support for a monetary value of $406,100.  Many volunteers did such a good job that they were hired full-time. 
  • We need all types of volunteers to assist us in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by supporting infection prevention strategies.  Volunteer Infection Prevention Ambassadors educate and encourage good infection prevention strategies at polling locations, schools, and government buildings.  Teams of trained N95 Fit Testers have deployed over 100 times to provide mask fit-testing for healthcare providers, first responders and public health staff. 

Since March 2020, 5,000+ Virginians have joined the MRC and become deployable volunteers.  If you are passionate about your community’s health, we have a service opportunity for you.  

Join our VA MRC response team today!