Medical Reserve Corps – Infection Prevention Support for November 3rd, 2020 Elections

Virginia Medical Reserve Corps volunteers work as public health ambassadors in your community by serving as educators and advocates to create stronger and healthier communities. The VA MRC is partnering with the Virginia Department of Elections to provide infection prevention support on November 3rd, 2020 at various polling locations across the state of Virginia. 

Our volunteers have prepared for their role as Infection Prevention Ambassadors (IPA) for Election Day by:

  • Learning about polling location operations and official election regulations
  • Reviewing proper PPE donning and doffing procedures
  • Understanding how to establish infection prevention protocols for proper cleaning and spacing at polling locations


The VA MRC is looking for volunteers to help support the mission to create a stronger and healthier Virginia. CLICK HERE to start your application today and join our in our IPA response efforts.


Just as we ensure our volunteers are empowered with knowledge to create stronger and healthier communities, here are a few tips and resources to ensure your voice is heard and your health isn’t compromised as you vote on November 3rd.


Keeping Voters Safe and Healthy!