District Contacts, Location and Directions


Portsmouth Health Dept
1701 High St Portsmouth, VA 23704
(757) 393-8585
Administration – 4th Floor
Environmental Health – 4th Floor
Clinics, Immunization, WIC – 1st Floor

Portsmouth WIC Churchland Office
(in the Academy Crossing Shopping Center)
3260 Academy Ave
Portsmouth, VA 23703

Telephone Directory

Department/Office Extension
Administration 8713
Clinic Appointment Line 8716
Baby Care Program 8751
Car Seat / Pack ‘N’ Play Distribution 8513
Community Events 8707
Community Health Workers 8392
Community Team 8513
Disease Intervention Specialists 8751
Emergency Planning & Response 8518
Environmental Health Department 8585
Epidemiology/Reportable Communicable Disease 8701
Harm Reduction 8757
Health Counselor 8567
Immunization Clinic 8710
Medical Records 8605
Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator 8503
Medication Assistance Program 8588
Population Health Department 8707
Population Health Manager 8566
Public Information Officer 8566
Tobacco Cessation Program 8719
Vital Records 8587
WIC 8730

District Contacts

For reporting a public health emergency, such as a reportable disease or environmental public health hazard, after normal business hours, on holidays or weekends, please contact (866)531-3068

Title Name Phone Email
District Health Director Dr Imrit-Thomas (757) 393-8585 x8713 kavita.imrit-thomas@vdh.virginia.gov
Business Manager Sandra Johnson (757) 393-8585 x8580 Sandra.Johnson@vdh.virginia.gov
Environmental Health Manager Bree Williams (757) 393-8585 x8529 Bree.Williams@vdh.virginia.gov
Nurse Manager Anita Hailey (757) 393-8585 x8537 Anita.Hailey@vdh.virginia.gov
Public Information Officer Avanti Allen-Benson (757) 393-8585 x8566 avanti.allen-benson@vdh.virginia.gov
Bio-Epidemiologist Michelle Winz (757) 393-8585 x8701 Michelle.Winz@vdh.virginia.gov


What is Public Health?

Public Health focuses on the health of the population as a whole and is that branch of medicine that addresses hygiene, disease prevention, epidemiology, injury prevention, and good health outcomes.

What do we do?

Portsmouth Health Department is committed to the promotion, protection and preservation of a healthy and environmentally safe community.  As such, based on health assessments conducted across the city, we have developed strategic priorities to better mitigate poor health outcomes and meet our vision to be recognized as a leader and advocate safeguarding public health and the environment.

Our strategic priorities include:

  • Quality Improvement.
    • Use a formal quality improvement program to improve PHD’s programs and services.
  • Utilize funding effectively.
  • Ensure funding is making a positive impact on the health the Portsmouth Community.  
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to improve health outcomes.
    • Identify new partners, strengthen existing ones, and evaluate programs to identify partnership needs.
  • Focus on workforce development and staff retention.
    • Create a skilled, valued, and motivated workforce at PHD.
  • Embrace and utilize technology to improve capabilities and readiness for any emergency.
    • Evaluate technology needs and limitations.

Why it matters:

Public health protects communities against diseases, prevents injuries, promotes improved health outcomes and safe environments, resulting in reduced infant mortality, increased life expectancy, active lifestyle and the potential for economic prosperity.