Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of expenses are considered INELIGIBLE? 

  • Purchase of food/meals (unless part of required travel per diem costs) 
  • Clinical care for non-immunization services 
  • Building purchases, construction, capital improvements, land acquisition 
  • Promotional materials (e.g., clothing, cups/mugs) 
  • Incentive materials (cannot provide clothing or pens in exchange for vaccination) 
  • Gifts, entertainment costs, alcoholic beverages, goods and services for personal use 
  • Honoraria, independent research 
  • Legislative/lobbying activities 
  • Interest on loans for the acquisition and/or modernization of an existing building 
  • Payment of bad debt, collection of improper payments 
  • Vehicle Repairs for vehicles not purchased with the funding sources stated above 

What type of expenses are considered ELIGIBLE following state policy?

  • Hiring temporary/contract positions for any need specifically related to enhancing COVID vaccine efforts (including administrative support staff) 
  • Travel 
  • Facility rental (off-site vaccination locations) 
  • Rental space and meeting space venues, specifically to enhance COVID-19 vaccination 
  • Monthly storage space to move supplies/equipment for COVID-19 vaccination PODs 
  • Vehicle rental 
  • Trailer/modular unit lease to use as office space and a mobile vaccine RV 
  • Bus passes, as long as it gets someone to/from vaccination appointment 
  • Associated costs for operating clinics 
  • Health communications materials and health education services 
  • Software that helps facilitate information flow 
  • Vehicle purchases - pending approval from CDC Project Officer (requests must be submitted to Angela Tillery) 

What is the deadline for spending?

  • April 30, 2025


Contact for more information: 

Bonnie Fulford, Partnership Liaison, Cycle 4 Funding, Prince William Health District,




Webpage last updated: 2/7/24