Annual School Self-Reports of Immunization Coverage

Student Immunization Status Report

According to Virginia Code § 22.1-271.2 (Immunization requirements), within 30 calendar days after the beginning of each school year, each admitting school official shall file a report with the local health department stating the immunization status of students in his school.  The report includes the number of students admitted to school with documentary proof of immunization, the number of students who have been admitted with a medical or religious exemption and the number of students who have been conditionally admitted (see definitions).  The report for students entering the seventh grade shall include the number with a booster dose of tetanus, diphtheria, or pertussis containing vaccine within the last five years. Data for MMR, HepB, Tdap vaccines are collected ONLY for seventh grades.  The report is submitted by school personnel using the web-based reporting tool at the following site:   No review of the accuracy of these reports is routinely conducted by VDH.

Definition of Terms
Adequately immunized – means children vaccinated in accordance with the harmonized schedule of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Academy of Family Physicians with vaccines required by the Code of Virginia as shown at the following site:  School Requirements

Conditionally admitted – means a student whose immunizations are incomplete, but provides documentary proof of having received at least one dose of the required immunizations, accompanied by a schedule for completion of the required doses within 90 days.

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SIS Results, Compliance at School Entry (%)
SY 2012 – SY 2018

SY Pub KG Priv KG Pub 6th Priv 6th
2012 92.2 94.8 97.8 94.8
2013 93.3 94.7 95.9 94.0
2014 94.0 94.3 95.5 95.0
2015 94.4 94.6 96.0 95.4
2016 94.1 93.4 96.0 94.3
2017 93.7 95.1 96.0 93.2
2018 93.3 94.1 96.3 93.7