Injury & Violence

Injury hospitalization data on this dashboard include fatal and nonfatal hospitalizations. Hospitalization data include all Virginia-licensed hospitals. Data from federal hospitals or hospital systems, like Veterans Affairs medical centers or military hospitals, are not included. Data are of Virginia residents who are hospitalized in Virginia. Data are based on the residence at time of discharge, not where the patient was hospitalized. Counts are the number of hospitalizations. This means that a patient could be hospitalized more than once for the same injury and would be counted as two separate hospitalizations.

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Injury Hospitalization Rate

Injury hospitalizations among the Virginia Hispanic/Latino population may be underreported. This is likely due to the race/ethnicity variable that requires race and ethnicity identification as a single-select option. This means that a record would only have a reported race or ethnicity, not both. For example, a patient can identify as ‘White’ for race and ‘Hispanic/Latino’ for ethnicity, but if only the race is selected, the hospitalization would be counted as ‘White’ and not as ‘Hispanic/Latino.’

Injury Hospitalization Rates by Mechanism (Cause) or Intent

Injury Hospitalization Rates by Mechanism (Cause) or Intent Table

Data Source: Virginia Health Information