Injury & Violence

Preventing injury and violence is important for everyone. An injury or a violent act can affect anyone at any stage in life. It can affect their emotional and physical health. An injury or violent act can also lead to long-term problems, disability, or death.

Injuries and violence are preventable. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) works to prevent injury and violence by:

  1. Collecting and explaining injury- and violence-related data;
  2. Identifying and addressing risk and protective factors;
  3. Funding programs that work to prevent injury and violence;
  4. Working with partners to expand prevention efforts;
  5. Training the workforce to address injury and violence prevention; and
  6. Providing Virginians with the knowledge to stay safe and healthy.

Fast Facts:

Among Virginians in 2022, there were:

34,958 injury hospitalizations, a 3% decrease from 2018.

  • 53% were aged 65 years and older.
  • 52% were among females.

7,200 injury deaths, a 27% increase from 2018.

  • 26% were Black or African American.
  • 71% were among males.