Cancer Staging in Virginia

The Staging dashboard displays cancer staging percentages for the 5-year period from 2016-2020 for cancers by health district, cancer site, race, sex, and cancer stage. Select either "Early" or "Late" Stage to define the legend values. Use the “Site”, “Sex”, and “Race” controls to view specific cancer data. Click on a specific health district to reveal filtered data based on selections. Below is an explanation of how staging is defined.

Localized cancer is usually found only in the tissue or organ where it began and has not spread to nearby lymph nodes or to other parts of the body.

Regional stage refers to cancer that has grown beyond the original (primary) tumor to nearby lymph nodes or organs and tissues.

Distant stage refers to cancer that has been spread from the original (primary) tumor to distant organs or distant lymph nodes. Also known as distant metastasis.

* Staging percentages have been suppressed if counts are below 16, and will not display.
* Staging Percentages for sex-specific cancer sites only reflect data from that population, i.e. female breast staging percentages only include female population data. Data are suppressed and not displayed when the sex indicator is set to “All” and a sex-specific site is chosen.