Communicable Diseases

About Us

The Hampton & Peninsula Health Districts' Communicable Disease Departments are responsible for district disease surveillance, investigation and prevention and control of diseases especially those specifically outlined in the Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control. Our staff consists of trained physicians, nurses and epidemiologists.

This department receives reports of communicable diseases from local physicians, hospitals, clinics and laboratories. These reports are investigated to prevent and contain the spread of diseases and monitor trends.

An up-to-date list of reportable diseases can be found here.

The Virginia Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control can be found at here

If you are a healthcare provider or provider's representative and need to report a person diagnosed with latent tuberculosis, please click here.

For Peninsula Health District localities only: If you are a healthcare provider or provider's representative and need to report a rapidly reportable condition or have questions regarding a communicable disease, please call 757-594-7427.

Our services include:

Tuberculosis Control

The tuberculosis control staff conducts tuberculosis screening programs and follow-up of all tuberculosis cases and contacts. The staff also conducts Regional Chest Clinics. This includes consultative services to referring physicians, evaluation and treatment of diagnosed cases and the use of preventive medications.

Refugee Referral Screening

Refugee health assessments by appointment.

Disease Surveillance

Reports are received on diseases in the community. A nurse or epidemiologist will follow up with these reports to provide education to reduce the spread of illness to others and will sometimes recommend treatment or vaccination for certain conditions.

Syndromic Surveillance

Our local hospitals participate in providing emergency department diagnosis and chief complaint information to help us look for suspicious illness or bioterrorism activity.

Influenza Surveillance

Our local medical community reports cases of influenza that occur in the community. A few medical providers participate in a special sentinel program from October-April to provide a picture of flu activity in the community and report cases early and late in the flu season.

Find us at:

Hampton Health Department

1330 Victoria Blvd

Hampton, VA 23661

Phone: 757-315-3780


Peninsula Health Department

416 J Clyde Morris Blvd

Newport News, VA 23601

Phone: 757-594-7427