COVID-19 Vaccination

Across the Greater Peninsula, your local health district is working hard to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines in an equitable and timely fashion. If you have questions about the safety, efficacy, or timing of the vaccines, please contact the health district in which you live and work. Whether you are in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, James City County, Poquoson, or York County, we can connect you to the resources you need to make an informed decision about vaccination.

Updated recommendations for bivalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna)* 


*These recommendations do not apply to Novavax and Janssen (J&J) COVID-19 vaccines, which are not bivalent mRNA vaccines. If you are unsure of the vaccines doses you previously received, check with your healthcare provider(s) who administered your vaccine(s), or you may find your vaccination record here.