HPSA 101

Welcome to the VDH Office of Health Equity HPSA 101 video. This video is intended to describe and explain the process of placing shortage areas in Virginia. The full-length video is 15 minutes long, for your convenience we have broken the video into 5 shorter sections, listed and described below. For more Shortage Designation Resources, please visit this webpage

HPSA 101

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Intro 101 

Topics Covered:

  • Definition of a HPSA 
  • Brief history of HPSAs

To watch the Intro 101 video, please click here.


Designations 101 

Topics Covered:

  • Types of  HPSA designations 
  • Approach for determining greatest shortages

To watch the Designations 101 video, please click here.


Scoring 101 

Topics Covered:

  • Break down of HPSA scoring calculations 
  • SDMS Data Sources
  • HPSA score calculation example
  • Helpful benchmarks to know when it is appropriate to submit an update prior to the biennial national HPSA updates

To watch the Scoring 101 video, please click here.


Nuances 101

Topics Covered:

  • Explains several nuances that may impact a HPSA score

To watch the Nuances 101 video, please click here.


Role of the PCO 101 

Topics Covered:

  • This section describes the role of the Virginia PCO in identifying shortage areas. Placing shortage designations requires strategy beyond the scoring criteria used by HRSA. The Virginia PCO works to identify shortage areas quickly so that we may actively work to decrease the degree of shortage until a designation is no longer necessary. 

To watch the Role of the PCO 101 video, please click here.