Firearm related Injury Prevention

Firearm Safety Tips

  • Store firearms unloaded and locked with a firearm safe, locked box, trigger or
    chamber lock.
  • Store and LOCK ammunition in a separate place from your firearms.
  • Remove firearms from your home if you have a depressed or suicidal family member

If you are a parent or caregiver,

  • Before you send your child to someone’s house:
    • ASK if firearms in the home are stored unloaded and locked.
    • ASK if the ammunition is stored separately.
    • ASK if there are shotguns and rifles in the home too, not just handguns.
    • Invite the children to play at your home if you have doubts about the
      safety of someone else’s home.
  • Talk to your child about risk.
    • Talk with your children about the risk of firearm injury in places they may visit or play.
    • Teach your child that if they find a firearm, leave it alone and let an adult know right away.
    • Instruct your child to leave the room immediately and tell an adult if another child shows him or her a weapon.