Healthcare Provider and System Support

Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program Enhancements

VDH IVPP partners with the Virginia Department of Health Professions to enhance the functionality of the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program by increasing its meaningful use, upgrading its analytic functionality, improving prescriber practice clinical reports, promoting interoperability, and increasing integration across Virginia’s health systems. To learn more, please visit

ED Bridge to Treatment

VDH IVPP partners with the Carilion Clinic ED Bridge to Treatment Program. This initiative has resulted in the development of standardized ED Bridge to Treatment guidelines for ensuring healthcare access and linkages of care for patients entering into ED or urgent care setting for non-fatal overdoses, withdrawal symptoms, and request for treatment. VDH, Carilion, and the Virginia Healthcare and Hospital Association are working to provide technical assistance across Virginia’s health systems in implementation of the model. To learn more, visit

Academic Detailing

VDH IVPP has long experience in facilitating academic detailing activities with statewide partners to improve patient safety and outcomes by equipping health care professionals and patients with data, tools, and guidance they need to make informed treatment decisions. To learn more, visit

Poison Control Center Education

VDH IVPP partners with statewide Poison Control Centers to provide education to healthcare providers on emerging overdose trends. To learn more, visit

Project ECHO and other hub and spoke models

VDH IVPP has a long history of implementing telementoring hub and spoke model and education programs in partnership with academic universities for healthcare providers practicing in medically underserved areas of the Commonwealth. These cohort education sessions bring together subject matter experts as leaders out in the field together to learn about ways to implement improved clinical practices in addressing substance misuse. To learn more about Project ECHO initiatives, visit Project ECHO – Injury and Violence Prevention (