Foreign Travel

 The Health Department provides immunizations and health information to persons traveling outside of the United States. It is important to discuss your itinerary and vaccinations needed with the Public Health Nurse as soon as possible, since many vaccines will have to be ordered and many require more than one injection separated by weeks or months. Please do not wait until a week or two before leaving to check on immunizations needed. We do not provide Yellow Fever vaccine, but this can be obtained at a “designated Yellow Fever” site in Lynchburg, Richmond, Charlottesville or other nearby cities. Vaccine costs vary with each vaccine and can be expensive. You may want to check on the price before coming in. It is best to schedule an appointment with the Public Health Nurse to discuss your vaccination needs and to set a time to receive your vaccinations.

Malaria prophylaxis must be obtained from your private physician. This medication must be prescribed and its effects evaluated in conjunction with your medical history and other medications you are taking.

We advise anyone who will be traveling to read and familiarize yourself with outbreaks going on in the area you are visiting, insect precautions, risks of contaminated food and water, and immunizations suggested but not required.

This information can be obtained from the Public Health Nurse or from the CDC website

We encourage you to consult with your primary physician before planning to travel, especially if you have any chronic illnesses or diseases so your doctor can address any health issues specific to you. Taking care of these issues ahead of time will help make your trip much more pleasant and safe.