It’s Time to Recognize the Professionals Who Make Sure We Have Clean Water

On Friday, June 30, Virginia will recognize the professionals across the state who make sure we have clean and safe drinking water and who treat wastewater. A proclamation by Gov. Glenn Youngkin recognizes Friday as Drinking Water and Wastewater Professionals Day. The General Assembly passed Joint House Resolution 88 establishing the day in 2016. 

Without reliable drinking water and wastewater treatment, thousands of people would die each year from waterborne diseases. Thanks to these professionals who operate public and private drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, Virginia’s 8.6 million residents have water that is clean. 

 At the Virginia Department of Health, the Office of Environmental Health Services and local health departments monitor and oversee private projects and data related to safe drinking water and wastewater treatment. Programs include private wells, onsite sewage systems food and shellfish safety, marinas, waterborne hazards, healthy swimming and more. The Office of Drinking Water ensures public water systems provide a safe and adequate supply of drinking water by enforcing drinking water regulations, monitoring drinking water quality, applying engineering judgement, providing technical assistance and training, and financing improvements to drinking water systems.   

To learn more about drinking and wastewater treatment in Virginia, visit the VDH Office of Environmental Health Services and Office of Drinking Water websites.