Listing of Services

Information regarding fees for health department services can be found below. Services that we normally provide will not be denied because of the inability to pay. All private health information will be kept in accordance with HIPAA. Any administrative or billing questions should be directed to your local health department.

Free Services

  • Nutritional counseling for WIC Clients
  • Long term screening and services for nursing home and in-home care (in partnership with the Department of Social Services)
  • School required immunizations for school aged children
  • Investigation of animal bites/rabies control
  • Permitting of sewage disposal system repairs

Flat Fee Services

  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for rabies
  • Overseas travel immunization (administrative fees may apply)
  • TB Screening and Testing
  • Sewage disposal and well permits
  • Restaurant and tourist establishment permits
  • Birth and death certificates

Sliding Fee Services

  • STI Testing
  • Adult and childhood immunizations
  • School physicals (for school entry, NOT sports)
  • TB Treatment

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