Environmental Health

Central Shenandoah Health District Environmental Health staff work to protect you and your environment by providing services in many different program areas including permitting and conducting inspections of food establishments, tourist lodging establishments, summer camps, campgrounds, Grade A milk plants, and migrant labor camps.  District staff also issue permits for sewage disposal systems and private wells and investigate environmental health related complaints. Staff work closely with local animal control to investigate reported animal exposures, ensure proper confinement and quarantine of animals occurs, and submit specimens to the state laboratory for rabies testing.

For more information about state-level environmental health, please visit the Virginia Department of Health Environmental Health Program page.

You can find more specific information by visiting the following sites:

Questions or Concerns?

If you have a general question or need assistance, please contact your local health department Environmental Health office.


Looking for Records?

You can request copies of your sewage disposal system and private well records by completing this request form and submitting to your local health department.

You can submit a formal Freedom of Information Act requests to the health department here.


View Restaurant Inspections

To view a restaurant inspection report please visit the State Inspections Page.


Obtaining Private Sector Services

Beginning August 11, 2019, all applications for onsite sewage systems and/or private wells must be accompanied by supporting work from a private sector consultant who is properly licensed to do such work through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). Only owners that submit a petition for services and meet i) means testing requirements (household income does not exceed 100% of federal poverty guidelines), or ii) a hardship contained in the Virginia Department of Health’s Hardship Guidelines, will be eligible to receive evaluation and design services from the Virginia Department of Health.


Persons in Household 100% Federal Poverty Guidelines
1 $14,580
2 $19,720
3 $24,860
4 $30,000
5 $35,140
6 $40,280
7 $45,420
8 $50,560

For help finding a private sector designer visit Service Provider Website