Toolkits for Community Partners

In the CSHD Childhood Vaccinations Toolkit, you will find a variety of resources to help increase awareness about the routine childhood vaccinations needed in preparation for the 2023-2024 school year. The document titled “How to Use the Toolkit” serves as a guide to the various toolkit components and also includes suggested uses for each component. CSHD invites you to use this toolkit in your organization and we encourage you to share this toolkit with others. Thank you in advance for contributing to our community’s effort to get children vaccinated on time for school and daycare – it is never to early to make a plan or to make an appointment!

This toolkit is currently available in English with some materials (such as the Virginia Immunization Schedule) available in Spanish. Please stay tuned for the availability of other languages. If your organization needs a specific language, please feel free to contact We also welcome you to reach out to us if you need help accessing any additional resources. For anyone who is not familiar with zip file formats, here is a resource to help you navigate!