Waterworks Business Operations Plan

A Waterworks Business Operations Plan (WBOP) is the primary document by which the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Office of Drinking Water (ODW) assesses the technical, managerial, and financial (TMF) capacities of a waterworks, as required by § 32.1-172 of the Code of Virginia. A WBOP demonstrates whether a waterworks has sufficient TMF capacity or will need to implement Sustainability Improvements.

  • Technical Capacity encompasses the infrastructure and water source of a waterworks (its “physical” assets), as well as intangible assets including the knowledge and skills needed to properly operate a waterworks.
  • Managerial Capacity is indicative of the waterworks’ planning and organizational expertise.
  • Financial Capacity measures a waterworks’ ability to generate sufficient revenue, to leverage other funding sources, and to manage these funds to meet operational, maintenance, and expansion costs.

Preparing a WBOP guides a waterworks owner through the process of identifying responsibilities, assessing current and proposed conditions, identifying improvements, and establishing a plan to operate the waterworks using successful and sustainable methods.

Implementation of the WBOP will improve the TMF capacity of the waterworks and enable it to function in a sustainable manner. This plan, customized for the specific waterworks, provides structured guidance for long-term planning, funding reserve accounts, evaluating staffing needs, understanding infrastructure assets, and establishing a budget that will appropriate funds (or other revenue) sufficient to cover all waterworks-related expenses.

The following interview with the Town of Port Royal provides insight into the process they went through completing the Waterworks Business Operations Plan (7:48 min).

The Office of Drinking Water has developed forms and instructions for you to use when preparing the WBOP for your waterworks. To ensure meeting requirements for a complete WBOP, download and use one of the following files depending on your waterworks type:

Community Business Operations Plan.zip Serving residential populations
NTNC Business Operations Plan.zip Serving the same non-residential population
NTNC EZ Plan.zip Serving Pre-school/Daycare Facilities
TNC Business Operations Plan.zip Serving differing non-residential populations

To determine if a WBOP is required for your waterworks, contact the appropriate regional ODW Field Office (refer to Office of Drinking Water Field Offices). Additionally, the ODW Capacity Development Division is available to provide assistance and the Sustainability Coordinators can be reached with the contact information below:

North-Central Region
Mr. Jarrett Talley, Supervisor
(804) 317-0140
South-Central Region
Ms. Jeanean B. Francis
(804) 292-5681
 -  -
Western Region
Ms. Denise Houchins
(804) 297-5131
Eastern Region
Mr. Jarrett Talley, Supervisor
(804) 317-0140
- -
Statewide Noncommunity
Matthew Frame
(804) 659-3858

Capacity Development Service Areas