Shellfish Closure and Shoreline Survey Documents

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Accomack Westmoreland County Northhampton Northumberland Lancaster Richmond Essex Middlesex King and Queen Mathews Gloucester King William New Kent Surry Isle of Wight Suffolk Chesapeake Portsmouth Norfolk Virginia Beach Williamsburg James City York Newport News Hampton Poquoson City King George

Localities with Shellfish Closures Listed Alphabetically.

Shoreline Surveys

Note: These surveys reflect ground condition at the date of the survey completion. The shoreline survey documents listed below by Growing Area Number do NOT show corrections made to noted deficiencies.

Click here for a spreadsheet of shoreline survey deficiencies extracted bi-annually from the Division’s GIS.  Search by the following columns “GA #” (Growing Area number) and “Field #” or “Final #” (Deficiency number).  Surveillance notes, if recorded, are shown in the column “Surveillance / Correction Notes”.

For shoreline survey deficiency correction related inquiries, or any questions pertaining to shellfish closures and shellfish water classification, please contact  Daniel Powell  or  Adam Wood.

Shellfish Growing Area Display Maps

Maps displaying the Division’s recognized shellfish growing area watersheds.

  • Growing Area Map (D-size)  – 4 Mb pdf file.  Print was designed for 22″x23″ paper size.  Printing to 8.5″ x 11″ or 11″ x 17″ is not recommended because small text will be illegible.
  • Field Office Territory Map  – 2.4Mb pdf file.  Print was designed for 8.5″ x 11″ paper size.


GIS Data Viewing

Web display of the Division’s (1) classified shellfish harvesting waters, (2) sampling stations with updated fecal coliform statistics and (3) uncorrected shoreline survey deficiencies and significant properties are available for viewing by clicking on the Google Earth* logo ‘marble’ above.  Please note, you will need to have either the Google Earth* or ESRI ArcGIS Earth** web browser plug-in software loaded to your PC to view this data.  Lastly, please also note that this data is made available solely as a supplement to our existing documents and in-house data files.  Questions as to data currentness, accuracy, etc. should be made to the Division’s Central Office classification staff.

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**ArcGIS Earth is a trademark of ESRI, Inc.