Virginia Maternal Mortality Review Team Reports

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Virginia Maternal Mortality Review Team Triennial Report, 2018-2020. Published July, 2023

Chronic Disease in Virginia Pregnancy Associated Deaths, 1999-2012: Need for Coordination of Care Published: August, 2019

Pregnancy-Associated Deaths from Drug Overdose in Virginia, 1999-2007. Published April, 2015

Pregnancy-Associated Death Due to Cancer in Virginia, 1999-2007. Published September, 2014

Motor Vehicle Collisions: The Leading Cause of Pregnancy-Associated Death in Virginia, Published April, 2014

Heyl PS, Sappenfield WM, Burch D, Hernandez LE, Kavanaugh VM, Hill WC. Pregnancy-Related Deaths Due to Pulmonary Embolism: Findings from Two State-Based Mortality Reviews.. Matern Child Health J2013 Sep;17(7):1230-5.

Pregnancy-Associated Deaths from Heart Disorders and Related Conditions in Virginia, 1999-2004, Published: July, 2012

Pregnancy Related Deaths in Virginia, 1999-2003, Published November 2010

Victoria M. Kavanaugh, Marcella F. Fierro, David E. Suttle, Peter S. Heyl, Stephen H. Bendheim, Virginia Powell. Psychosocial Risk Factors as Contributors to Pregnancy-Associated Death in Virginia, 1999-2001. Journal of Women’s Health. July 2009, 18(7): 1041-1048. doi:10.1089/jwh.2008.1037.

Obesity and Maternal Death in Virginia, 1999-2002, Published March, 2009

Pregnancy-Associated Maternal Death in Virginia, 1999-2001, Published October, 2007

Full Report Published: October, 2007
Executive Summary and Recommendation Published: October, 2007
Report Preview. Published April, 2006