It is the intention of the Virginia State Anatomical Program (VSAP) to be transparent and fully disclose all aspects of the donation process.  The following are disclosures regarding Whole Body Donation and Donation with VSAP that you should consider prior to registering or authorizing the donation.  If you have other questions, please feel free to contact the VSAP directly at (804) 786-2479.

  1. Pre-registration with VSAP does not guarantee acceptance.


  1. If a Donor is pre-registered VSAP will reimburse the funeral home $100.00. The family will be responsible for any additional charges incurred by the funeral home for transportation, refrigeration or any other services provided.


  1. If a potential donor is NOT accepted by VSAP, it will be the responsibility of the family, responsible party, executor and/or estate to proceed with arrangements for disposition. The responsible party will be accountable for payment for those arrangements. VSAP will not contribute financially to those arrangements.


  1. All Donors accepted by VSAP will be tested for infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Results of the testing will not be disclosed to the donor’s designated responsible party/survivors but may be reported to the Virginia Department of Health if so required.


  1. Donors accepted by VSAP are placed at Medical Schools, Universities, and educational facilities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Donors are primarily utilized for educational purposes and surgical training.  No pathology reports or findings will be generated or forwarded to the next of kin/responsible party.


  1. The period for donation can be as little as a few months to as many as a few years. The average time frame is between 18 months and two years.  ****VSAP cannot and will not guarantee a specific time frame as that is determined by the program at which the donor was placed and the overall condition of the donor***.  Families are welcome to call after 12 months to inquire about a more specific time frame.


  1. The next of kin/responsible party can indicate on the Final Disposition of Cremated Remains form if they would like to be notified if the program at which the donor was placed conducts a memorial service.
    • Not all programs conduct memorial services
    • Most memorial services are conducted once a year and usually include only those donors that have been returned to the family.
    • Timing and location of the memorial service is determined by the program at which the donor was placed.


  1. The cremated remains of the donors will be sent to the NOK/responsible party via U.S. Mail, which will require a signature.
  2. The NOK/responsible party can request to pick-up the cremated remains from VSAP offices in Richmond which will require a photo ID.