Forensic Epidemiology

Fatal Drug Overdose Trends – updated numbers as of January 2023

Statewide Report: Quarterly Drug Death Report, Q3 2022

Fatal Overdose Tables – Deaths by locality and year:

The updated Fatal Drug Overdose Quarterly Report and associated Excel spreadsheets will be available April 2023.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) investigates a wide array of suspicious, unexpected and sudden deaths and by studying individual classes of death, prevention strategies may be created. The OCME’s Public Health Corner provides basic statistics, prevention tips, and links to additional resources.

  • Environmental Exposure Deaths*
  • Gun-related Deaths*
  • Accidental Falls *
  • Accidental Drownings*
  • Motor Vehicle Deaths in Drivers*
  • Intimate Partner Violence*
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Due to Faulty Heaters & Generators*

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Although the medical examiner’s office main responsibility is to determine the cause and manner of certain deaths, it also hosts various surveillance projects and fatality review teams.  These programs examine patterns, trends, and factors leading up to certain types of death with the aim of identifying needed changes in services.  Each project produces reports to inform policy makers and citizens about issues vital to a society concerned with public health and safety.
  • Click here for the Fatality Review & Surveillance Programs and Reports