Communicable Disease Control and Prevention

Disease Surveillance and Investigation

The District Epidemiology Team performs follow–up investigations on all diseases considered reportable by the Code of Virginia and the State Board of Health. View the current Virginia reportable disease list and available disease fact sheets

Other communicable disease services include:

  • Collecting and analyzing data on reportable diseases.
  • Performing surveillance for communicable diseases and illnesses of public health significance.
  • Providing counseling and education to clients with reportable diseases.
  • Investigating outbreaks of disease in the community.
  • Partnering with schools and childcare programs to encourage communicable disease prevention and surveillance.

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Reporting for Medical Providers

To report a disease to the health district, you can access the Confidential Morbidity Report Portal (Epi-1) portal using the button above. Enter the information and click the checkmark at the bottom to submit.  Healthcare professionals seeking additional information can visit VDH's pages on Disease Reporting for Medical Providers or Disease Reporting and Control Regulations.