Procedure for filling requests for a Certificate of Birth Resulting in a Stillbirth

History: During the 2003 General Assembly legislation was introduced and passed (HB1450 and SB 1267) to establish a new type of vital record for parents who experience a fetal demise of twenty weeks or more. Prior to the legislation the only available documentation was the report of spontaneous fetal death. Effective July 1, 2003 a Certificate of Birth Resulting in a Stillbirth will be issued upon request from the parent.

Note: The Office of Vital Records has spontaneous fetal death reports from 1999 to the present

How to obtain the certificate

  • Submit an online application. Stillbirth records are not issued through our walk-in service.
  • The request should include the following information:
    • Name of stillborn (optional)
    • Mother’s maiden name and married name
    • Father’s name
    • Date of event
    • Hospital of occurrence
  • If the spontaneous fetal death occurred prior to 1999 it will be necessary for you to submit documentation from one of the following sources.
    • Physician/midwife who provided care to the mother.
    • Documentation from the medical record.
    • Copy of the report of spontaneous fetal death.
    • Funeral Service Director (if they provided a service)
  • Copy of identification (see listing under identification)

Upon receipt of the above items the certificate will be mailed to the address provided.


Effective: July 1, 2003