Requesting a Stillbirth Certificate

The Certificate of Stillbirth was introduced in 2003 as a new type of vital record for parents who experience an unintended, intrauterine fetal death occurring after a gestational period of 20 weeks or more. A new bill was passed in 2022 that ensured this type of certificate has no cost as of July 1, 2022. The Office of Vital Records maintains spontaneous fetal death reports from 1999 to the present.

Note: The Office of Vital Records has spontaneous fetal death reports from 1999 to the present

How to obtain the certificate

1. Submit an online application. Stillbirth records are not issued through our walk-in service.

2. Click the Death button beneath Start Here.

3. Select Stillbirth from the Certificate Form menu.

4. Enter the name, contact information, address, and relationship to the child of the person requesting the certificate.

5. Enter the gender and the date, place, and gestation at the death of the child. The name of child and hospital of occurrence are optional.

6. Enter the parent or parents’ names.

7. Add ID documents and information.

8. Follow the directions to sign and complete the application.


Effective: September 20, 2022