What is the procedure to update a Virginia birth certificate after a person has undergone gender transition?

The State Registrar must receive:

  • A request from the individual or their parent (if the individual is under the age of 18)
  • A copy of valid ID from the requestor
  • A properly executed Changing Sex Designation (VS42) form
  • A certified copy of a court order changing the person’s name if applicable. Please note a copy of the name change petition/application is needed if the court order does not show the individual’s name at birth, date of birth and place of birth.
  • $10 administrative fee to establish the new birth certificate
  • $12 for each certified birth certificate requested

The Changing Sex Designation (VS42) form must be completed by the health care provider from whom the person has received treatment stating that the person has undergone clinically appropriate treatment for gender transition.