Community Health

A pie chart depicting the factors that determine health. 40% socioeconomic factors, 10% physical environment, 30% health behaviors, 20% clinical care.Community Health, often also called Population Health, is an integral piece of public health that often occurs outside of a health department and focuses on improving the overall health of a community. The Lord Fairfax Health District is dedicated to addressing adverse health outcomes by education strategies, community outreach, and evidence-based health interventions. Health equity is a key focus when addressing adverse health outcomes, especially when working with rural populations, minority populations, or otherwise disenfranchised populations.

Public health staff is available to answer your health questions through your local health department. They also are available to speak to community organizations, schools, youth groups, and churches. Reference materials, informative pamphlets, and literature can also be obtained through your public health department.

Quick Links:

Division of Multicultural Health
Health Equity Resources
Virginia Office of Rural Health

Community Health Informational Resources:

Tobacco and Nicotine Use
Harm Reduction and Opioid Use

Contact information:

Katherine Schroeder, MPH (she/her)
Population Health Manager
Office: (540) 722 - 3470