Records of a center’s annual or more frequent Program training sessions for their front line and key staff, as defined by the State agency, must be maintained. These records must include dates, locations, CACFP topics discussed, and names of center personnel in attendance. The required content of the trainings is established by the State agency [7 CFR 226.15(e)(12); 226.17(b)(10)].

Annual Training Required:

FY2022-2023 Required Annual Program Training

SNP is excited to offer online training to CACFP Program Operators during this time of social distancing. Through Bright Track, Program Operators can create an online account to enroll in SNP CACFP courses for an all-around training one-stop shop.

All trainings can be located on the CACFP Training site here:
Access code is: vdh
Required Modules: 110 Annual Sponsor Training

The required training modules continue to be revised and updated based on new United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) policies. VDH will send an email to all CACFP Program Contacts listed in CHAAMPS once the modules are available for viewing.

VDH CACFP Training FY19-20

Please note these trainings are available as a resource for Program Operators, but are not a reflection of the most current USDA FNS Program guidance. For up-to-date trainings please visit using the access code vdh.

PowerPoint Training Supplements

The PowerPoint links below are available to organizations that look to administer CACFP training in their organization. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the training PowerPoints made available please contact the CACFP at (877) 618-7282 or email us at