Records of a center’s annual or more frequent Program training sessions for their front line and key staff, as defined by the State agency, must be maintained. These records must include dates, locations, CACFP topics discussed, and names of center personnel in attendance. The required content of the trainings is established by the State agency [7 CFR 226.15(e)(12); 226.17(b)(10)].

CHAAMPS Application Completion Webinar

CHAAMPS Claiming Submission

Infant Meal Pattern Training

Child Meal Pattern Training

Adult Meal Pattern Training

Financial Viability and Budget Training

Civil Rights Compliance

Informal Procurement: Micro and Small Purchases (Purchases ranging from $0-$100,000)

Procurement: Standards for Small Organizations (Purchases of $5,000 or less)

Formal Procurement (Purchases above $100,000)

Child Income Eligibility Form (IEF) and Annual Enrollment Form (AEF) Training

Recordkeeping (includes food service cost documentation and monitoring requirements)

Preparing for a Program Review

Corrective Action Plans (CAP)

Farm to CACFP

Healthy Meal Resources

Powerpoint Training Supplements

The PowerPoint links below are available to organizations that look to administer CACFP training in their organization. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the training PowerPoints made available please contact the CACFP at (877) 618-7282 or email us at