Before, During and Between Pregnancy

Practice Guide for Virginia’s Prenatal and Dental Providers

Brushing for Two (English and Spanish)

Dental Care During Pregnancy is Safe and Important

Mr. Potato Head Oral Health- Total Health 

National Maternal and Child Health Resource Center
Text 4 Baby

Fact Sheets
Two Healthy Smiles: Tips to Keep You and Your Baby Healthy (English)
Oral Health During Pregnancy (English and Spanish)
Oral Health and Pregnancy (Bookmark)
Tips for Good Oral Health During Pregnancy
Smoking and Pregnancy
Dental Pharmacological Considerations for Pregnant Women

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Infants and Toddlers

Early Learning Oral Health Curriculum

Fact Sheets
Baby Teeth Care (English and Spanish)
Fluoride Varnish (English and Spanish)
Brushing Your Child’s Teeth (English and Spanish)
Nutrition and Oral Health (English and Spanish)
Baby’s First Dental Visit (Bookmark)

Finding a Dentist During Pregnancy
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

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Children and Adolescents

Seal Away Tooth Decay

Oral Health and HPV
Quick Facts on the Risks of E-Cigarettes for Kids, Teens and Young Adults
Quit Now Virginia
Evidence-Based Oral Health Websites Early Childhood and IHCN

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Individuals with Special Health Care Needs

Healthy Smiles for Autism
Autism Speaks Dental Health Guide
Dental Care Everyday: A Caregiver’s Guide
Dry Mouth (English and Spanish)

Fact Sheets
University of Washington ISHCN Oral Health Fact Sheets
Toothbrushing Positions for Your Child with a Disability
Special Care Tooth Brushing Positions
Correct Amount of Toothpaste
Brushing Information for Caregivers - Adults (English and Spanish)
Diabetes Dental Tips (English and Spanish)
Three Reasons to Visit a Dentist Before Cancer Treatment (English and Spanish)
Evidence-Based Oral Health Websites Early Childhood and IHCN

Healthy Mouth for Special Needs (English and Spanish)

Brush Up on Oral Health – CSHCN 2013
Brush Up on Oral Health 2017
Special Care Oral Hygiene Aids
Preparing Children for Dental Visits
American Academy of Pediatrics Juice Recommendations
How to Calm a Child with Autism
Create a Sensory Safe Yard for Children with Special Needs

Autism Speaks Family Services Dental Toolkit
Autism Speaks: A Tool Kit for Dental Professionals

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Adult Oral Health and Chronic Disease

Oral Health and Diabetes
Oral Health and Hypertension
Dental Care for the Elderly
Oral Cancer Self-Exam

Overview of Oral Health in Older Adults
Oral Care Information for Caregivers
Dry Mouth Information for Caregivers
Smiles for Life – Oral Health for the Primary Care Provider

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Community Water Fluoridation

Books, Reports and Regulation
EPA’s Review of the Fluoride Drinking Water Regulation
EPA’s Standards and Regulations of Drinking Water Contaminants
National Research Council Report on EPA Standards
Dental Caries (Cavities): Community Water Fluoridation

How Much Fluoride is in Your Water?
VDH Fluoridation Facts

Fact Sheets
Facts About Community Water Fluoridation for Healthcare Professionals
Health Professionals Fluoride Safety

American Academy of Pediatrics Learn and Share about Water Fluoridation
CDC: How Fluoride Works
American Academy of Pediatrics: How Fluoride Works (English and Spanish)

Naturally Occurring High Levels of Fluoride in Virginia

Water Fluoridation Websites
Centers for Disease Control
American Dental Association
American Academy of Pediatrics
Children's Dental Health Project

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All Ages

Brush and Floss Card (English and Spanish)
Oral Health and Overall Health

Virginia Department of Education- Health Smart
American Dental Association, Smoking, Non-Cigarette Alternatives
About Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigarettes)

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Virginia Health Catalyst 
Virginia Dental Association Foundation

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