What is Epidemiology?

It is one of the building blocks of Public Health. Epidemiology examines the causes, effects, and patterns of disease within a population.


To report a suspected outbreak please complete the Suspected Outbreak Reporting Form below and email it to the Epidemiologist or call 540-322-5880

  • Data:

Reportable Disease Morbidity Surveillance

VDH Interactive Data Portal


  • Resources for Schools & Long-term Care Facilities:

Disease Fact Sheets

Communicable Disease Reference Chart for Schools

Suspected Outbreak Reporting Form- Schools and Community Organizations

Suspected Outbreak Reporting Form- Long Term Care Facilities


  • Physician Resources:

For conditions required to be reported to VDH please review the Reportable Disease List

To report a communicable disease to the Health Department Complete the Disease Morbidity Reporting Form (Epi 1) and fax the form to your local health department.

To submit a request for a patient to be tested for Zika infection by public health, please click here and complete the testing request survey. Testing requests will only be accepted by the health department if they are made by the physician or the physician’s office on behalf of their patient. If you are a patient and would like to be tested for Zika, please contact your physician.


epidemiologistsProgram Information

VDH Epidemiology Home Page


District Epidemiologist
Stephanie Goodman, MPH
Phone: 540-322-5880
Fax: 540-785-3407

Communicable Disease Nurse
Laurie Mulert, RN
Phone: 540-322-5980
Fax: 540-785-3407

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