Family Planning

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Family Planning

Each district health department clinic offers services to women interested in preconceptual planning or a method of birth control. Program offers complete gynecological services, including lab work, pelvic examination, pap smear and breast examination. Selected birth control methods are also provided. For more information about Title X services, visit: VDH Family Planning

Virginia Department of Health Family Planning


Alt Text: Infographic with information about Title X (10) – which provides reproductive health services to low-income patients, including contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted infection and cancer screenings and more.

Alt Text: Infographic displays information about Rappahannock Area Health District’s Family Planning Clinics, which offer annual breast exams, PAP smears and cervical co-testing (HPV).  These services are offered on a sliding scale fee for all income levels, and accept insurance and see women of any age. The infographic also provides phone numbers for the Local Health Departments in all 5 localities to schedule an appointment.

Caroline: 804-633-5465

Fredericksburg: 540-899-4142

King George: 540-775-3111

Spotsylvania: 540-507-7400

Stafford: 540-659-3101

Reproductive Health Providers Offering Abortion Services

Adoption Services