CHIP: Mental + Behavioral Health

Mental + Behavioral healthcare integration and expansion

mental behavioral health goals

Mental health problems are among the most common health conditions in the U.S., with one in five adults experiencing mental illness each year. With the onset of COVID-19, the already strained mental health system was hit by a perfect storm of personal fear and anxiety, societal and political upheaval, forced isolation, loss of life, and an economic downturn, coupled with unprecedented challenges for the behavioral health workforce.

Black, Latino, and multi-racial adults in Virginia reported higher rates of depression throughout the pandemic than White and Asian Virginians.

At the same time, Virginia has a long-standing shortage of behavioral health workers, with access to behavioral health providers varying widely within BRHD, exacerbated by a critical shortage of in-patient psychiatric beds. The shortage is even more acute among practitioners of color, with Black and Latinx psychiatrists and psychologists each representing under 8% of the mental health workforce.

The Mental + Behavioral Health workgroup, convened by the Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition (CMHWC), is acutely aware of these issues. A network of over 20 organizations that serve the entire District, CMHWC will concentrate its CHIP work on policy change at the health system, legislative, and workforce levels – engaging leadership from both UVA Health and Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.

CHIP objectives address the need to expand capacity for racially and culturally responsive behavioral health care; increase access to care (such as by increasing in-patient psychiatric beds); and promote policies, systems, and environments that improve behavioral health and wellness – particularly for people of color. The workgroup is currently identifying conveners and clarifying both indicators and targets.

Mental + Behavioral Health Workgroup: Mental Health and Wellness Coalition Steering Committee (CMHWC) which includes: Albemarle County Fire and Rescue, Blue Ridge Health District, Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad, City of Charlottesville, Counseling Alliance of Virginia, Region Ten, The Women’s Initiative, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, UVA Health.

CHIP Goals + Objectives | 2023-2025 CHIP Report


Objective Convener Lead Contributors Target Date Indicator Target
1.Improved mental and behavioral health policy and planning 1.1 Create a plan for shared advocacy, planning, and accountability Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition Steering Committee (CMHWC) Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

UVA Health

12/31/2024 #plans published for advocacy, planning, and accountability by 05/01/2024 1
1.2 Adopt anti-racist policies, practices and procedures TBD TBD 12/31/2024 TBD TBD
1.3 Develop resilient and growing workforce that reflects the community TBD Albemarle County Fire & Rescue

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

UVA Health/

12/31/2025 TBD TBD
2.Expanded behavioral health promotion and community health hubs 2.1 Expand behavioral health promotion efforts TBD TBD 09/01/2025 TBD TBD
3.Improved treatment and recovery services 3.1 Provide comprehensive, accessible, culturallyresponsive adult outpatient services TBD Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

UVA Health

12/31/2025 # adults receiving comprehensive, accessible, culturally responsive outpatient services during 2023-2025 500
3.2 Provide expanded continuum of youth services TBD TBD 12/31/2025 # youth receiving expanded continuum of services during 2023-2025 500
4. Quality, equitable, crisis response service 4.1 Promote neighboring models and existing local efforts TBD TBD 12/31/2025 TBD TBD
4.2 Develop regional mobile service response (24/7,365) TBD TBD 12/31/2025 TBD TBD
4.3 Inventory treatment capacity (locations depending on needs)


TBD TBD 12/31/2025 TBD TBD
4.4 Create regional policy for data sharing/care coordination TBD TBD 12/31/2025 TBD TBD

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