MAPP2Health Reports

2022 MAPP2Health Report

The 2022 MAPP2Health Report (PDF) examines the Social Determinants of Health and focuses on advancing health equity through targeted policies and practices that influence the built environment and healthcare systems. The report includes a summary of the Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition Report on Mental Health, the draft of the Central Virginia Equity Center Profile and the results from the qualitative photovoice project.

2019 MAPP2Health Report

**NEW** 2019 report with an overview of the health district, community health data, best practices by MAPP priority, results from qualitative photovoice projects identifying community assets, recommendations from the Diabetes Steering Committee to address disparities in diabetes outcomes for people of color, and an community plan for improving health equity.

2016 MAPP2Health Report and Progress Updates

2019 MAPP Progress Report (February 2019; final update on the 2016 report includes highlights of community partnerships and initiatives as well as updates on the specific goals, objectives, and locality-specific strategies for each of the four MAPP priorities)

2018 MAPP Update for Local Govt (Winter 2018; MAPP overview and update provided to local governments within TJHD. Highlighted activities are specific to TJHD efforts.)

2017 MAPP Update for Localities (Fall 2017; update provided to Interagency Councils across the district. Highlighted activities include MAPP efforts by TJHD as well as community partners.)

2016 MAPP2Health Report REVISED (May 2017; visually updated with larger graphs and figures)

2016 MAPP2Health Report (December 2016)

2016 MAPP2Health Executive Summary (December 2016; section of larger report)

2016 MAPP2Health Community Health Improvement Plan (December 2016; section of larger report)

2012 MAPP2Health Report and Progress Updates

2016 MAPP2Health Update (data update)

2015 MAPP2Health Update (data update)

2013 MAPP2Health Update (data update)

2012 MAPP2Health Report (2012, PDF) / 2012 MAPP2Health Report (2012, Issuu)