Community Health Awareness Team (C.H.A.T.)

The Community Health Awareness Team (C.H.A.T.) is a partnership between Central Virginia Health District's outreach team and outreach members from our community partners Johnson Health Center and Community Access Network.

C.H.A.T.'s purpose is to understand and aid in community health needs and provide health education and inform community members about available resources regarding COVID-19 and other community health concerns.


The Community Health Awareness Team (C.H.A.T) in September 2022


A rapid community assessment (RCA) is a process for quickly collecting community
insights about a public health issue in order to implement more efficient or effective
program design. Our local community outreach team conducted a RCA from June 6-25,
2022 in order to collect data surrounding COVID-19 vaccination decisions. This data will
be used to target outreach materials in an effort to reach our community members with the
information they need to make informed decisions.

Please click the following link to access the report summary: CVHD COVID-19 RCA-Key Findings