Onsite Sewage & Water Program

Environmental Health Specialists work to protect drinking water and groundwater resources by ensuring sanitary handling and disposal of sewage and protection of drinking water supplies.

We issue sewage disposal system construction permits and inspect finished sewage disposal systems.

We issue construction permits for drinking water wells to make sure they are located and constructed properly.

We inspect and permit businesses which pump septic tanks and dispose of sewage.

We investigate reports of sewage spills or other kinds of groundwater contamination.


What Applications Do I Need? Onsite Edition!

Financial Assistance Information

Well & Septic Application Forms

Sewage Repair Application

Safe, Adequate and Proper Application

Septic Tank Maintenance 

Onsite Soil Evaluator List

Private Engineer List

Well Application



Associated Fees

Septic Application/ Repair Applications Well Applications AOSE Applications Safe Adequate and Proper Applications
$225.00 Application Fee $300 Application Fee $225.00 Septic
$300.00 Well
$100.00 with OSE Documentation
$150.00 Without OSE Documentation

If mailing a check to any of our localities, please see the following:

The check should be written to either “Central Virginia Health District” or the health department that you are sending it to. For example, if you need to send a check to the Amherst Health Department, you can write the check to “Amherst Health Department” or “Central Virginia Health District.”

Please see below in reference to the mailing addresses for each of our health departments.

Amherst Health Department           P.O. Box 250 Amherst, VA 24522

Appomattox Health Department    P.O. Box 355 Appomattox, VA 24523

Bedford Health Department            600 Bedford Ave. Bedford, VA 24523

Campbell Health Department         P.O. Box 160 Rustburg, VA 24588

Lynchburg Health Department       307 Alleghany Ave. Lynchburg, VA 24501