Food Protection


Environmental Health Specialists inspect places that prepare food for public consumption. This includes restaurants, school cafeterias, day-care centers, hospitals and more. We also inspect temporary food service vendors at local festivals. Check out the latest inspections of your favorite restaurant at


If you suspect that more than one person has become ill after eating a common food, please contact your local health department.  You can also log onto to file an online foodborne illness report.


Effective June 24, 2021 the Virginia Food Regulations were amended to be consistent with the current 2017 Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Code.  Many of the changes simply refine and provide further clarity for our existing regulations.  Significant changes are outlined in the 2021 Virginia Food Regulation Update Info Sheet.


All parties interested in opening new facilities, changing ownership of existing facilities, and changing names of existing facilities need to fill out a new permit application.  New facilities may need to fill out a plan review form in addition to the permit application.  Please see the linked documents in reference to participating in a temporary event, opening a mobile food establishment, opening a brick and mortar food establishment, getting a Food Protection Manager certification, & more!

Applications and Useful Information:

What Applications Do I Need?  Food Edition!

Food Service Requirements

Plan Review Application (Printed Version) (Fillable Version)

Food Permit Application (Printed Version) (Fillable Version)

Commissary Commitment Form

Catering Guidelines

Mobile Unit Sticker Procedures

Temporary Event Application

Temporary Event Vendor Guidelines

Temporary Event Coordinator Application

Temporary Event Sanitation Requirements

Food Protection Manager Certifications

Food Safety Manager Certification Requirements

Hotel Operation Permit Application

Hotel Plan Review Application

Employee Health Policy Information (See pages 19 & 20 for Form 1B)



Associated Fees

Plain Review Applications Food Establishment Applications Temporary Event Applications
$40.00 Application Fee $40.00 Application Fee  

$40.00 Application Fee (For first-time applicants within the

current calendar year)

If mailing a check to any of our localities, please see the following:

The check should be written to either “Central Virginia Health District” or the health department that you are sending it to. For example, if you need to send a check to the Amherst Health Department, you can write the check to “Amherst Health Department” or “Central Virginia Health District.”

Please see below in reference to the mailing addresses for each of our health departments.

Amherst Health Department           P.O. Box 250 Amherst, VA 24522

Appomattox Health Department    P.O. Box 355 Appomattox, VA 24523

Bedford Health Department            600 Bedford Ave. Bedford, VA 24523

Campbell Health Department         P.O. Box 160 Rustburg, VA 24588

Lynchburg Health Department       307 Alleghany Ave. Lynchburg, VA 24501