Patient Assistance Programs

 Patient Assistance Programs

 Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) provide free or low-cost drugs to individuals who cannot otherwise afford the cost of the medications.

Common Patient Assistance Program Application

The purpose of this enrollment tool is to collect information that  pharmaceutical companies and foundations providing the donated products of pharmaceutical companies require for enrollment in various PAPs.  To facilitate enrollment in multiple PAPs, this tool consolidates all of the necessary information in one place.  Each PAP requires its own application that, once completed, can be printed out multiple times and submitted to individual PAPs with the required attachments.


HarborPath is an online portal that allows providers to input the information requested on all PAP forms and then allows a single process to obtain all the HIV and HCV medicines on the HarborPath formulary for eligible clients.  Clinics must be enrolled with HarborPath in order to participate in the program.

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