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Divisions within the Office of Licensure and Certification

The Division of Acute Care Services is responsible for the licensing hospitals, home care, and hospice programs.  The division monitors managed care health insurance plans and private review agents and under CLIA conducts the certification inspections for clinical laboratories. This division is also responsible for the Medicare certification of hospitals, home health agencies and hospice programs as well as, a variety of medical services and facilities.

The Division of Long Term Care Services is responsible for the licensing and federal certification of nursing facilities and Medicaid certification of intermediate care facilities for the intellectually disabled (ICF/IIDs).

The Certificate of Public Need Program works to promote comprehensive health planning to meet the needs of the public, avoid unnecessary duplication of medical care facilities and to provide a procedure for resolving questions about the need to construct or modify medical care facilities.

The Complaint Unit receives complaints about health care facilities that may have violated a regulation or law.

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Contact Information

Area Code 804 for all numbers

Main Number: Tel: 367-2102 / Fax: 527-4502

To file a Complaint:

  • Hotline: 1-800-955-1819
  • Richmond Metro Area: 367-2106 / Fax: 527-4503

Director and Administration: Tel: 367-2102 / Fax: 527-4502

  • Policy and Regulation: Tel: 367-2157 / Fax: 527-4502


Acute Care Services: Tel: 367-2104, 367-2132 / Fax: 527-4504

  • Division Director: 367-2156

Supervisor (Hospitals, ESRD, ASC) – Tel: 367-2164
Supervisor (Home Care Organization) – Tel: 367-2104
Supervisor (Home Health and Hospice) – Tel: 367-4877
Supervisor (CLIA) – Tel: 367-2127

Certificate of Public Need: Tel: 367-2126 / Fax: 527-4501

  • Certificate of Public Need Director: Tel: 367-1889

Supervisor (COPN) – Tel: 367-2137
Supervisor (MCHIP) – Tel: 367-2128

Long Term Care Services: Tel: 367-2100, 367-2101 / Fax: 527-4502

Training: Tel: 367-2162 / Fax: 527-4503

  • MDS/RAI Coordinator: Tel: 367-2141
  • MDS/RAI Engineer: Tel: 367-6636