Letters of Intent

Welcome to the Letters of Intent (LOI) page for the
Division of Certificate of Public Need (DCOPN)

This site will provide links to all active Letters of Intent for DCOPN projects and will be updated as changes arise.  LOI’s will be removed from this list after the earlier of 12 months, when a COPN application is accepted for review or when the LOI is withdrawn/rescinded by the applicant.

All inquiries regarding Certificate of Public Need should be directed to copn@vdh.virginia.gov.

Batch Group A
VA-8713 LOI.Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital Establish a replacement hospital.(05.30.23)
Batch Group B
VA-8714 LOI.ESSNV Surgical Suites LLC Establish an outpatient surgical hospital.(06.29.23)
VA-8718 LOI.AandK Medspa LLC Establish an outpatient surgical hospital.(07.6.23)
VA-8748 LOI.Winchester Medical Center Add 1 OR (12-21-23)
VA-8749 LOI.New Womens Health Charlottesville Establish a 1 OR outpatient surgical hospital (12-21-23)
Batch Group C
Batch Group D
VA-8729 LOI.James River Cardiology.Establish a Specialized Center for Cardiac PETCT Imaigng (08.30.23)
VA-8733 LOI.Scott Wagner Integrated Medicine.Establish a Specialized Center for MRI Imaging (09.1.23)
VA-8754 LOI.CardiacCare Associates Establish specialized cntr for cardiac PETCT (2-20-24)
VA-8755 LOI.Inova Reston MRI Center LLC Add 1 fixed MRI (2-22-24)
VA-8756 LOI.IFRC LLC Establish a medical care facility for MRI (2-22-24)
VA-8757 LOI.IFRC LLC Establish a medical care facility for CT (2-22-24)
VA-8758 LOI.Metro Region PET Cntr Add 1 PETCT (2-23-24)
VA-8759 LOI.Medical Circle Establish a Medical Care Facility with 1 MRI (3-1-24)
VA-8760 LOI.Bon Secours St Marys Hospital Add 1 CT simulator (3-1-24)
VA-8761 LOI.Northern Virginia Community Hospital Establish a Medical Care Facility w 1 CT scanner (3-1-24)
VA-8762 LOI.Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center Establish a Medical Care Facility w 1 CT scanner (3-1-24)
Batch Group E
VA-8763 LOI.Carilion Rehabilitation Services and Carilion Clinic Establish a 50 bed rehabilitation hospital (4-1-24)
VA-8764 LOI.Winchester Medical Center Add 20 med rehab beds for 50 bed unit in new tower (4-1-24)
Batch Group F
VA-8742 LOI.Advanced Molecular Imaging and Therapy.Establish a specialized center for PET-CT and SPECT-CT (10-31-23)
Batch Group G
VA-8738 LOI.1047 Mecca Street Roanoke Propco.Add 4 Nursing Home Beds (10-26-23)